On April 15, 2008 we closed on a 1955 Mid-Century Modern home in Merriam, KS that was custom designed by the late Donald R. Hollis of Hollis + Miller Architects. We will be sharing our journey as we update the house to make it our own, while trying to stay as close to the original design as possible.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Haunted Happenings

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween, with more treats than tricks!  At Robin Hood's Hideaway we celebrated Halloween a couple of days early.  After foregoing our Halloween party last year due to our bathroom remodel, we were not about to let this year go by without celebrating one of our favorite holidays with friends.

In preparation for our party, however, we were busy trying to get some projects completed.  Here are the much overdue updates:

We are happy to report that after having settled on a new paint color for our office over a year ago, we finally got around to painting our office.  I am glad that Benjamin Moore still carried the color!  Unfortunately, the walls looked nicer and they made my desk and bookshelves stick out like a sore thumb.

My World Market Konrad desk and Riley bookcases did not really go with the style of the house (they had been a perfect fit for our other house).  So we ended up going to Minnesota and LD talked me into purchasing a walnut table top from the Room and Board Outlet.  We bought legs and a drawer kit from Ikea, and we ended up assembling a one of a kind desk that fits the room much better.  We also bought some Gallery bookshelves from the Room and Board Outlet.  

I celebrated my birthday in September, and LD bought me the chair that I fell in love with the first time I saw it at Room and Board.  

Hmmm, something about my birthday and chairs (last year she bought me an Eames shell rocker).

We also picked up a glass table top for the Herman Miller table base we had purchased a while back.  The round table looks much better in our dining area.  It has a few scratches that we will have to address, but for $9.99 it was too good of a deal to pass up.

To top it all off, we finally installed baseboards upstairs!  It was tedious work, but it sure finishes up the rooms.  I can't believe we lived without baseboards for three years!

LD also managed to purchase ALOT more decorations while I was away on travel.  We really need to build a storage shed, unfortunately that will probably have to wait till Spring.

The house looked quite festive, and it really set the mood for the party.  

It might have been a little too festive, since it actually attracted a "mystery" guest.  
One of our friends called me over and brought to my attention a phantom/grim reaper who was standing by himself/herself in a corner.  I walked over to welcome them to the party and to figure out who it was.  I really could not tell who it was, so I asked.  The only response I got were growling sounds and a husky voice that said he/she was hungry.  So I told him/her to help himself/herself to some food and drinks.  A few minutes later Mark asked me if I had figured out who it was because he/she had walked outside and left.  At that point I got a little worried and went to ask LD if she had interacted with the mystery guest.  She pretty much had the same interaction, and he/she never did identify himself/herself.  We felt it was quite creepy and we had Katy search the house to make sure that our mystery guest was not hanging around.

Nothing like a party to motivate us to get things checked off our 2011 to do list.  This party helped us accomplish three of our goals!

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  1. The party was AWESOME! My first! And, yay for good puppies to search for random people who might be lurking! Can't wait for next year!