On April 15, 2008 we closed on a 1955 Mid-Century Modern home in Merriam, KS that was custom designed by the late Donald R. Hollis of Hollis + Miller Architects. We will be sharing our journey as we update the house to make it our own, while trying to stay as close to the original design as possible.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From Virginia Beach, VA to NY!

October 27th weekend I was evaluating a FEMA canine test in Virginia Beach, VA, and I was supposed to fly out on Monday, 10/29.  All the flights were getting cancelled quickly due to Hurricane Sandy!  Once the testing was done, I got a flight out on Sunday to beat it.  I never thought we would get deployed!  Sure enough within 24 hours of getting home, we (Missouri Task Force 1) got the activation to head to NY and NJ!

Phoenix and gear

I decided to take Phoenix with me on her first deployment.  She's gotta do it at some point!  As I was getting ready, Phoenix knew she was going and was getting very excited!

Travel by bus

Between our days and searches, we stayed at Hicksville High School, McGuire AFB, and SUNY Maritime College.  Many thanks to them for opening their doors to us!

Morning meeting at McGuire AFB

Phoenix and Rock having a morning meeting at SUNY Maritime College

We conducted wide area searches throughout Long Island, Lawrence, and Rockaway.  We assisted 3,540 people, checked on 4,195 residences, and covered 34 miles in 3 days time!

Considering the conditions they were in, the communities and people were strong, resilient and resourceful.  People are truly remarkable and able to come together when its tough.

Shalom - Squad 3

My thoughts and prayers are with you all this Thanksgiving.

Squad 3-Dan, Chad, Phoenix, Casey, John, Jeff

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